There are two types of voucher:

Red Voucher

Knowsley people who are in crisis can apply for a Foodbank voucher from many frontline services such as schools, Citizens Advice, welfare advice centres and health care professionals. The client then takes the voucher to a distribution centre and are given 3 days' worth of food for themselves and their family. The days and venues for the distribution centres are on the back of the voucher.

Knowsley Council Emergency Support Scheme

We also work in partnership with Knowsley Council supporting their Emergency Support Scheme. The Emergency Support Scheme (ESS) is a Knowsley Council project that is delivered in partnership with Knowsley Foodbank. It provides emergency food and, in some cases, vouchers for gas and Electricity, to people in crisis.

The ESS can only be accessed by telephone on the numbers below:

 0151 443 3200 / 0800 408 2014

The ESS team will discuss the situation with the client and will then decide based on a criterion. The ESS team usually takes around two hours to contact the client with their decision. Knowsley Foodbank cannot override this decision.