Next Steps is the element of GetConnected that supports people in overcoming barriers to employment, training or education. As part of GetConnected, Next Steps can work with other parts of the project, giving clients an opportunity to address all the barriers that they may have that are preventing them get into work. The Next Steps team work with people of all ages and employment status. All Next Steps and GetConnected services are free to clients.

Who can access Next Steps?

Clients come to us from many backgrounds, including people who are long-term unemployed, looking to return to the workplace after illness, as well as people who have been in prison, insecure employment or who have disengaged from education at a young age. Whatever the reason, all clients receive 1:1 support and guidance from their caseworker, who will really take time to get to know them and help them to identify for themselves what they want to do next.

Clients who are aged 16-29 and who are NEET (not in Education, Employment or Training) have a specific program of tailored support called Working Futures-for information on Working Futures, please click here

How does it work?

Clients who join Next Steps will be supported in:

  • Identifying their strengths, weaknesses, skills and learning style
  • Discussing career options and learning opportunities
  • Arranging work experience placements-ideal for a client with no work history
  • Support with completing application forms and interview skills
  • Support with applying for licences such as security or building site licences
  • Practical steps-for example, applying for an National Insurance number, or opening a bank account, or help with interview clothes through our Suited scheme
  • Pastoral support-building the clients' confidence and belief in themselves, for their future inside and outside of work

The Next Steps team has strong links with other parts of the Big Help Project, and also other organisations and funders that can help with other issues including costs related to looking for and starting work. Since Next Steps was founded, we have supported 122 clients into employment, 177 clients onto courses and 15 clients into business start-up.

How do I get help from Next Steps?

Clients can refer themselves by contacting us using the referral form or via telephone on 0151 482 6089.