Jubilee Debt Advice reached an important milestone this week, when the team registered their 500th client.

The service, which is part-funded by the Morgan Foundation, was founded in Knowsley in 2012 as part of the Big Help Project. Jubilee Debt Advice It has since managed over £4 million worth of debt for clients from Knowsley and increasingly across the city region, and offers clients a free, professional and accredited service that seeks to find the best resolution for both clients and creditors.

Jubilee Debt Advice Manager Carole Almond-Doherty said: “while it is sobering to have registered our 500th client, at the same time we are proud to be here to meet and very real, and growing, need for debt management services. Jubilee Debt Advice is committed to helping anyone in our community who is experiencing debt problems, whether big or small, and we encourage anyone needing help with personal debt to contact us as soon as the problems start, so we can help them nip it in the bud and make a fresh start.”

Jubilee Debt Advice operates as part of the Big Help Project, and can be accessed by contacting the office on 0151 482 6089, or by going to the Jubilee Debt Advice drop-in at Changing Lives, Cherryfield Drive, Kirkby on Fridays 10 a.m.-2p.m. All services are free.  Jubilee Debt Advice is affiliated to Community Money Advice and is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.