The Big Help Project is launching its latest initiative to tackle food inequality in Tower Hill, Kirkby on Thursday 15th November, we are currently taking applications for membership. For further information please call us on 0151 482 6089.

The Club, which offers a membership-based scheme to access quality food at affordable prices, will be open of a Tuesday and Thursday from Thursday 15th November.

The Big Help Food Club provides quality food, including fresh food, to Food Club members for a weekly fee. All stock is sourced through a partnership with FareShare, which redistributes quality surplus stock from retailers across the country that would otherwise go to landfill. Membership is open to all, and the project aims to not only increase accessibility to food, but to also become a local resource for every across the community, regardless of income. Since registering the first membership in August, there are now over 100 members, and the Big Help Project are delighted to confirm that a new Big Help Food Club Service will begin in Tower Hill, Kirkby from the 15th November. Located in the Tower Hill Community Centre, Ebony Road, the Tower Hill Food Club will be open of a Tuesday and Thursday, 1:30pm to 15:00, and we are taking applications for membership now!

Speaking at the opening of our last Club in Carr Meadow Hey Bootle, Peter Dowd MP for Bootle, said “It’s a real shame that families are in a position where they have to rely on food banks and food clubs to manage, but thankfully the charity and voluntary sector always come up trumps. The simple truth is that people shouldn’t be in a position where they struggle to feed themselves and their families. The crisis is only getting worse due to the Government’s austerity policies which penalise the most vulnerable whilst giving tax cuts to the richest and large companies. I want to thank the Big Help Project for their new initiative and for inviting me for the opening of the food club. It truly is grass roots engagement, it was great to see and hear from people within the local community where the food club is based and where I grew up. The only way to change this dreadful policy is to change the Government.”

Upon receiving confirmation of the opening of the Tower Hill Club, The Big Help Food Club coordinator Trish Barkey said “With the cost of living spiralling and incomes stagnating, being able to afford food is a real concern for many people. The Food Club gives everyone a way to access good food without breaking the bank, and equally importantly is a way for the community to come together and support each other.”

Members are guaranteed to select 10-15 items per week. Membership is £3.50 a week in cash or £12 per month via standing order and operates on a first come first served basis. The Big Help Food Club operates as part of the Big Help Project (registered Charity Number 1141024), which runs projects across the region supporting with a range of issues including looking for work and debt management, as well as the Knowsley Foodbank. More information available by contacting the Big Help Project on 0151 482 6089 or visiting the website