Learn My Way is a free on-line resource for clients who wish to gain a basic I.T. qualification. Learn my Way works as part of the wider Next Steps Employability support program, which offers free, 1-2-1 support to clients who are looking to find work, access training, return to education or simply look to improve their prospects and widen their career options.

How does it work?

Clients who are registered with Learn My Way will be shown how to create and access an on-line learning account. Learn my Way assumes no prior knowledge of computers, and the areas covered include:

  • Using a mouse, keyboard and computer
  • Creating and saving files and documents
  • Accessing the internet
  • Setting up and using an email address
  • Completing application forms on-line-
  • Setting up and using on-line banking
  • Accessing price comparison sites

Learn My Way also offers courses on basic numeracy and literacy.  The program is created around the needs and wishes of each client, and allows clients to start at the right level and to work at their own pace.