Unmanageable Personal Debt is a growing issue in our community. Jubilee Debt Advice offers free, confidential, professional debt-management advice and support from our team of trained and qualified Debt Advisors. They help clients who are struggling to make ends meet due to debt commitments, and support them in gaining financial stability.

Since 2011, Jubilee Debt Advice has handled over £3 million of debt for over 300 clients. All Jubilee Debt Advisors have, or are working towards, the Community Money Advice Debt Management Qualification. Jubilee Debt Advice is registered with, and regulated by, the Financial Conduct Authority.

Ways we can help our clients to break free from spiralling debt include:

  • Sorting through and prioritising debts
  • Looking at income and expenditure
  • Speaking to creditors on behalf of clients to negotiate a realistic and affordable payment plan
  • Applying for any additional income clients may be eligible for, such as occupation related trusts
  • Giving information on insolvency options

In some cases, we can also make an appointment for our clients with our Welfare Rights volunteer. Throughout the process, our clients have support from their caseworker, and the rest of the team.

All JDA services are free of charge. All JDA Caseworkers have, or working towards having, CMA qualification in Debt Management Advice.

Advice is specific to each person's needs and advisors give as much time and support as is required until debts have been settled and financial stability achieved. 

How to access Jubilee Debt Advice

Drop-in and see us:  

  • Fridays, 10am - 2pm Changing Lives, 101-105a Cherryfield Dr, Kirkby, L32 8SA
  • phone us on 0151 482 6089 to make an appointment
  • email us at the [email protected] 

Tenants of Cobalt Housing and One Vision Housing

We are also doing two pilot projects with One Vision Housing and Cobalt Housing which allow their staff to refer tenants for support with debt issues. 

Don't suffer in silence-we can help you to find a solution to your debt problems and take back control of your finances.


Jubilee Debt Advice is generously funded by the Steve Morgan Foundation

Jubilee Debt Advice is Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority