The Big Help Project first Social Value Report, which was published this month, reveales the positive impact it has made in the community, with calculations revealing an economic benefit of at least £2.2 million over the past six years.

The figure, which combines the cost value of donations with savings to the public purse, forms the conclusion of the Big Help Projects Social Value report, the first to be produced by the organisation. The report looks at the five main elements of the Big Help Project-Knowsley Foodbank, Jubilee Debt Advice, Next Steps, Digital Inclusion and Baby Basics-and evaluates how they have had a positive impact on the wider community.

Barry Cooper explained "as we reach our 6th year, it was decided that now was the right time to publish a Social Value Report, which not only summarises all that has been achieved since 2011, but sets it in the context of the challenges that the area faces, and calculates the very real and measurable difference that we have made. £2.2 millionin economic value is an incredible figure, and one who would not have reached without the input of every single member of the team, and the ongoing support we have from across the community."

The Social Value Report was compiled by the Big Help Project and independently audited by The Connectives. The Social Value report is available to download here.