As part of The Big Help Project, Jubilee Debt Advice is moving to new premises in January, marking an end to over six years of residence in Kirkby.

From Monday 8th January 2018, Jubilee Debt Advice and the Big Help Project will be based at Link Road in Huyton.

This is a major change for the organisation, who have been based at the Business Resource Centre in Kirkby since 2014.

Here’s all the information you need about the change and what it will mean for Jubilee Debt Advice clients:

When is Jubilee Debt Advice moving?

The Big Help Project will start moving premises in January, with the move being completed by January 5th. From Monday 8th January, all Big Help Project services will have their headquarters in Link Road, Huyton.

Will I still be able to send any correspondence to the P.O. Box?

Yes, our P.O. Box address will remain the same and will be in use during and after the move. The address is : Jubilee Debt Advice, P.O. Box 135, Liverpool L32 9WX

Will there be a new phone number?

Yes-the new phone number will be announced as soon as we know it. The new phone number will not become live until Monday 8th January. Before Monday 8th January, please use phone number 0151 546 0470. Jubilee Debt Advice clients can also reach the team on a mobile phone number 07436 077334, which will be the main contact number until the move in completed on Monday 8th January. However, the mobile number will remain in use as a secondary number, to ensure that there is always a way for our clients to reach us during the moving process.

Will there be any changes to the services the Big Help Project offers?

No, there will be no change to any of the services that we offer. We will however be unable to make any appointments during moving week 2nd-8th January.

What about my personal information?

All information about our clients is stored securely. The information will be transported securely by Big Help Project and Jubilee Debt Advice staff.

I have a repayment plan in place-will that change or end because you have moved?

No. Any payment arrangements or negotiations will not be affected by the move.

What about my creditors? Will they know that you have moved?

Yes. All creditors that we are currently in negotiation with on behalf of JDA clients will be informed that we are moving premises. However, all creditors are asked to contact us through the P.O. Box number, which will remain in use permanently.

What about appointments?

We will still offer appointments at our new premises, as well as outreach across Knowsley. If you are concerned about attending appointments at the new venue, please contact us as early as possible so we can discuss options and plan ahead.

I am worried about this move and what it will mean for me. How can I find out more or discuss my concerns?

We are always happy to help our clients with any issues that they may have about this move, or any other issue. Please don’t feel alone-call us on 0151 546 0470 or07436 077334 and we will be here for you: