“I can’t believe that we are publishing our Easter Newsletter – I’m sure we only published our Christmas one a couple of weeks ago!! It has been a very busy couple of months for us as we moved our whole operation from Kirkby to Huyton. The move has presented us all with some challenges but our new premises in Link Rd are beginning to feel like home.

What comes to mind when you think of Easter? Time off work, chocolate, fluffy bunnies and chicks and hot cross buns?  That all sounds good to me!! For some Easter is a time of despair followed by hope and glory. Christians believe that Good Friday marks the day that Christ was crucified – a time of loss, despair and sorrow. However, 3 days later, on Easter Sunday, this is transformed to a time of joy, glory and hope as Christ rose from the dead.         

The Big Help Project often comes across people when they are a in crisis. This may be because of debt or unemployment, it may be because a relationship has broken down and they have been left vulnerable and unable to feed themselves or their family. Whatever the reason they may feel utter despair and worry about how they will ever find their way out of their situation. When they come to the Big Help we can offer them a lifeline, a way out. If they are hungry Knowsley Foodbank can feed them. If they are in debt Jubilee Debt Advice can help them begin to address their debt issues and if they are unemployed our Next Step/GetConnected service can support them as they seek and secure employment. Our aim is always to help them see the hope that can come after despair, that joy can follow on from the crisis they find themselves in at that moment.

As we all prepare for a few days off work with hopefully lots of chocolate and Easter goodies I hope we can all think for a few minutes of those people for whom the sorrow and despair of Good Friday is very real and who struggle to see that joy, rebirth and growth can follow such desperate times.”