Working Futures - Client A

We started working with a young woman in Jan 2017 on the Working Futures Program, and although progress was slow to begin with, each engagement engagement saw a little progressRead more

Working Futures

Aston engaged with our Working Futures program having been expelled from school before completing his G.C.S.E.'s and being in and out of employment ever since.Read more

Baby Basics

A lady from a Family Centre called to request food for a family she works with a mum and her four children. In reading a confirmationRead more

Next Steps

We worked with a 17-year-old woman who was enrolled on beauty course at collegeRead more

JDA - Client B

Our client was behind with their rent and owed nine years Council Tax. The councilRead more

JDA - Client C

Our client had to pay bedroom tax for his two-bedroomed property after his partner and children moved out. This led to his income beingRead more

JDA - Client D

A client came to us after receiving a Suspended Possession Order for their home, and bailiffsRead more

Knowsley Foodbank

Mrs C used the foodbank in Kirkby for herself and four children. We were happy to help herRead more