"We worked with a 17-year-old woman who was enrolled on beauty course at college but was not happy as she wanted to work as receptionist.  We reviewed her CV which was short of some experience, so we arranged for her to do some volunteering with us on our reception and at one of our Foodbank Distribution Centres. We then helped her look and apply for reception apprenticeships.  She also applied for a receptionist job and got an interview. She was very nervous, so we spent time doing mock interviews and gave her practice interview questions to use at home.  She succeeded in her first interview was offered a second interview, in which she needed to show that she could use Excel spreadsheets, which she was worried about. So, we spent some time going over this with her. She passed her second interview and got to final two candidates. We continued to help with her confidence/self-esteem and practice interview questions and she passed her final interview and got the job in North Mersey Business Centre.


Another client had been made redundant after 30 years in an office job.  We helped her with a CV, but she lacked confidence, having worked so long in one role. She was also struggling after a recent bereavement. We spent time helping build up rapport/confidence with her. She became interested in volunteering so she visited a couple of our foodbanks - which she loved helping in.  As her confidence and interpersonal skills improved, she became a permanent volunteer, as well as securing herself a 16-hours per week cleaning job."

Cathy Connolly, Next Steps Caseworker