December 2016

Mrs C used the foodbank in Kirkby for herself and four children. We were happy to help her and there were no problems. I saw her a few weeks later at a foodbank in Huyton, and she was very distressed. Her son had become involved in a gang, and it had led to violence in their home in Kirkby. The police had moved the family overnight as an emergency, and they were in a new house with nothing but the clothes that they were wearing. This was two weeks before Christmas. Mrs C left the foodbank in Huyton with enough food for a week for the family, plus lots of household goods, including a kettle.  The foodbank team then worked with Big Help Trading staff and within 24 hours they all had clothes and within 48 hours they had a television and some additional furniture. We applied to the Radio City Toy appeal and over the next week Mrs C was given lots of Christmas presents for the children. A few days before Christmas we delivered a Christmas tree-along with lights and decorations.

Mrs C needed to use the foodbank one more time whilst her benefits changed to take into account her change in circumstances. To use her words, "the Big Help Project was like my fairy Godmother and Santa's little helper, all rolled into one!"