"A client came to us after receiving a Suspended Possession Order for their home, and bailiffs were knocking. They had over £1,500 rent arrears and two bailiffs for Council Tax debts, as well as other debts. We worked with the bailiffs and their social housing landlord, going through our client's income and expenditure and setting up payments with their creditors. We applied for and received a United Utility Trust Fund which wrote off their water debt. Our client has paid off the bailiffs and their rent arrears are now under £500. They are now paying all their creditors and essential expenditure with agreed affordable amounts. This has helped them to pay more rent arrears as each debt has been settled. They are now managing their finances and the rent arrears will soon be paid. This will mean their social landlords have a tenant who will pay their rent on time, incur no more court costs or extra administration tasks for their staff."

Paul Bartley, JDA Caseworker