"A lady from a Family Centre called to request food for a family she works with a mum and her four children. In reading a confirmation email I discovered that the mum had just given birth a month early. The lady from the family centre had personally collected mum & baby from hospital, come here for food, was going to the chemist to buy formula and also had to collect the other children from mum's friend. All of this while mum was despairing at home wondering how she was going to manage.

We were able to send the lady from the family centre away with not only food but a Baby Basics starter pack too. So, together, we have all helped the Mum and her children have a much more joyful evening, celebrating the arrival of their baby. The lady also got back in touch and said the mum was overwhelmed and the lady said everything in the basket would go to use."

Heidi Ferns, Baby Basics Coordinator